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Novella Announcement!

I have a novella coming out from in March of 2020!

Empress of Salt and Fortune is the story of an empress in exile, the end of a sixty-year summer, mammoth cavalries on the march, servants, fortunetellers, fox girls and more vicious characters than you can shake a stick at. Maybe don’t shake sticks at any of ’em.

Check out my incredibly cool cover, courtesy of Alyssa Winans and my announcement and interview with Ruoxi Chen!


Dragon Brides Now Live!

You can find both my story “Dragon Brides” and an interview with me about the same up over at Lightspeed.

The art for this one, by the talented Sam Schechter is amazing, and give a listen to the audio version, read by Claire Benedek.

This story is special to me because it does more or less what it is intended to do. I knew what was going to happen, I knew which notes I wanted to hit, and after that, it was just actually getting it on paper.  Still pretty pleased with it!


A Few Notes to Myself

1. When reusing the same city setting in three different short stories, it is maybe a good idea to actually make a list of relevant geographical features, local forms of government and  visible landmarks.  Just maybe.

2. Wow, some of these unfinished stories are years and years old.  I have a trunk with junk in!

3. Grapes are an utterly fantastic dinner.

4.  Past-me was actually really good at keeping notes on stories she wanted to tell. The problem is that they’re not necessarily good notes, and present me is really working to figure out what a king-spider is.

5.  You can actually feel a click when you’re ready to come back to writing from a long hiatus.  Ignoring the irritation with how long I’ve been away, it feels quite good.


“I never loved you!”

The lie, patently untrue, hung in the air between the Trojan prince and the Spartan queen. At that moment, Helen wanted to dig furrows into his face, mar his famous beauty so that no one would ever want him again.

They were the beloved of the goddess, and while Her aspect upon them, people wanted them like they wanted to breathe. The war, now in it’s sixth year, proved that.

“We couldn’t help ourselves,” said Paris unsteadily. Even then he wanted her, had to stop himself from trying to touch her hair

“I tried,” she hissed.